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Yamagata University consists of 6 faculties and 6 graduate schools on 4 campuses, in which approximately 9,000 students are studying.

As one of the best national comprehensive universities in northern Japan, Yamagata University fosters human resources who can solve the problems and innovate new technologies for local and global societies.

Offering the variety of courses, we are dedicated to creating the high-quality environments that meet their learning needs and interests.

Furthermore, by networking and enhancing collaboration among 4 campuses, Yamagata University offers educational programs and research projects making full use of each region’s characteristic resourses.

Yamagata University

Yamagata, Yonezawa, Tsuruoka / Yamagata

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Yamagata prefecture is surely one of the greatest places in Japan for enjoying the changing seasons. Throughout the year, there are various fieldworks to join in the rich natural environment of Yamagata. Students are enjoying the activity and the view of each season on campuses.

Programas de graduación

Licenciatura, Técnica, Vocacional

Programas de postgrado

Maestría, Doctorado, MBA

Master - Graduate School of Agriculture: 2-year

Otros programas

Intercambio, escuela de idiomas, etc.

Materiales y descargas

Folletos, guías de solicitud, información sobre becas

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