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University of Hyogo

Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

The University of Hyogo was established in 2004 by integrating 3 prefectural universities.

The oldest predecessor was Kobe University of Commerce, which was founded in 1929. Since its establishment, the University of Hyogo has graduated many outstanding students who are now working commendably in many fields, including economics, healthcare, academia, media and government.

By developing expertise in their respective fields, they have built highly successful careers and have become outstanding leaders.

We sincerely hope you to choose the Global Business Course, the GBC, and join us at the University of Hyogo, where intellectual insights and your future careers in the global arena can be fostered.

The time you spend in the GBC will surely be fruitful.

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- All classes conducted in English.
- Class sizes are limited to ensure quality education.
- Intensive Japanese classes prepare you for work in Japan.
- work experience in Japanese and multinational corporations.

Programas de graduación

Economics - Bachelors

Programas de postgrado

Otros programas

Economics - Practical Specialization

Materiales y descargas

Folletos, guías de solicitud, información sobre becas

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