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OSAKA YMCA Japanese Language School

Osaka, Osaka

Osaka YMCA was founded in 1882, with the aim of fulfilling the Biblical phrase, “Bring all the people as one,”
by transcending nationality, ethnicity, religion and belief. Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School was established in 1969 with the vision of the development of mutual understanding between people from different cultural backgrounds. Over 50 years, it has enabled people to develop a high level of language proficiency and to truly play an active role as a global citizen. We support each individual student to fulfill his or her purpose of life. We instruct students whole heartedly with the desire that they will grow to be a dedicated member of a harmonious society.

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Extensive experience in Japanese language instruction; Our Japanese language school was established in 1969, and we have over 50 years of experience in Japanese language education. Additionally, textbooks published by our school are utilized in approximately 50% of Japanese language schools in Japan. Moreover, they are widely adopted in East Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea.
Great Location and Reasonable Cost of Living; Our school is situated in Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. You can easily access tourist attractions such as Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe in less than 1 hour by train. Additionally, living expenses in Osaka are lower compared to Tokyo, and we offer student dormitories, allowing you to stay in Japan at a lower cost.

Various courses to achieve your goals; We offer courses as short as 3 months, allowing you to study Japanese in Japan even for a brief period. Depending on your objectives, such as enter university or employment in Japan, you can choose a course that suits your needs.

You can practice your Japanese through tutor activities outside of class hours. During these sessions, students engage in one-on-one conversations with Japanese volunteers for an hour. You can exchange cultural experiences and discuss topics of interest.

You can experience Japanese culture through extracurricular activities and school events. We regularly organize extracurricular activities and school events every month, providing opportunities for students to enjoy Japanese culture.
In addition, by participating in volunteer activities such as Charity Runs or Christmas Donations, international students are able to establish connections with society.

Programas de graduación

Programas de postgrado

Otros programas

-Comprehensive Japanese Language Course
This course is for those who aim to go to university in Japan. The easy
to learn curriculum for learners from countries that do not use Chinese characters, in particular, will develop academic skills as well as advanced Japanese language skills through their reasonable learning. Students will study in Japanese and learn about Modern Japanese Society, Geography, History, English, Science and Mathematics in order to pass the EJU (The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students / Nihon Ryugaku Shiken).

In addition, the school provides fine grained course consultation services and career guidance according to the goal of each student through homeroom activities once a week along wit h proper counseling.

-Practical Japanese Language Course
This course offers Japanese classes which are useful for daily life and business.
The beginner and intermediate courses provide basic Japanese classes.

The four technical skills are divided into two related groupings, listening speaking and reading writing, so that the students are able to improve their Japanese abilities intensively and effectively.In the advanced course, half of the classes are electives. Students can select five electives which match their own study purpose from within the following themes, Business, Culture and Academic.

In addition. Job seeker from Intermediate class and above can get professional consultant.On the other hands, receive guidance to compose the CV, Entry sheet, also how to get an interview or how to begin the job hunting.

-Reduced tuition system
If you have obtained JLPT N2 or above before enrolling, 30% of your tuition fee will be deducted. Tuition fee reduction is also possible for qualifications other than JLPT.
Please verify our application guide for details.

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