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A world-class university in the heart of Japan

Nagoya University of Commerce and Business was founded in 1935 by Yuichi Kurimoto. Over the last 80 years, the university has become known worldwide as a premier educational institution.

NUCB was the first undergraduate school in Japan, and part of only 5% of business schools worldwide to hold the prestigious AACSB accreditation. The school is located in Greater Nagoya, Japan's third most populous city and home to the country's greatest concentration of automobile, fine ceramics, aerospace, and other high-tech industries.

Our beautiful Nisshin Nagakute campus which is 1.5 x the size of Tokyo Disneyland is home to over 3,000 students with approximately 10% of international students from over 35 nationalities, offering a diverse community full of global talent.

We offer a Global BBA degree taught entirely in English using the case study method via active learning. The degree encompasses a wide range of subjects in Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Economics, Finance, Accounting, and Liberal Arts with a strong focus on Japan and Asia. The school has exchange agreements with over 100 world-class universities across more than 40 countries with a growing number of Double Degree partners.

Nagoya University of Commerce and Business

Nagoya, Japan

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Campus: 1.5x the size of Tokyo Disneyland

Dormitories: Private rooms guaranteed for 4 years

Accreditation: Held AACSB accreditation since 2006

Diversity: One of the most diverse in the country for both student and professors

Curriculum: Global BBA fully taught in English

Exchange/Double Degree: Option to participate in programs with over 100 schools worldwide

Scholarships: We offer a number of scholarships both pre and post admission

Since 2006, NUCB has been part of only a select group of universities worldwide to hold the prestigious AACSB Accreditation. Ranked No.1 in Central Japan for our diversity by Times Higher Education.

"Number of international students: ~200
Annual Tuition: ~11,000 USD
Annual Living & Housing: ~8,000 USD
Scholarships: IBDP, Tuition Reduction, Rent Discount, Study Abroad, Government Scholarship Program offered in English: 4-year Global BBA
Key Highlight: 100% Case Method Study"

Programas de graduación

Licenciatura, Técnica, Vocacional

Undergraduate Programs Taught in English
Faculty of Management, Global BBA

Programas de postgrado

Maestría, Doctorado, MBA

Otros programas

Intercambio, escuela de idiomas, etc.

Materiales y descargas

Folletos, guías de solicitud, información sobre becas

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