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京都で学ぶ、世界がつながる。(Study in Kyoto, connect the world)

We established our school in 2001 and named it “MINSAI”(民際)with a hope that, through the education of Japanese language and culture, our students become global citizens who cherish interactions between people and are able to play an important role on a global stage. And by doing so, we would like to contribute to world peace. At Kyoto Minsai, our students come from almost 40 countries.

So, while studying Japanese language and culture, students can also have an international exchange with other students to build invaluable friendships in the “MINSAI” world. The curriculum is organized in a way that meets the demands of the times, and using their professional knowledge gained from various experiences and studies, our teachers devote themselves to education so that students can enthusiastically study and improve their skills. Our school is located in a laid-back neighborhood where one can experience the four seasons.

There is Tenjingawa river in front of our Tenjingawa campus building and alongside this river runs a wonderful row of Sakura trees which bloom in spring and turn to bright red in fall. Kyoto itself is a historical city, cultural city, student city and a city where some of the world’s leading enterprises are based. Kyoto is blessed with pristine nature and breathtaking views in every season and is also considered as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Kyoto never fails to attract millions of domestic as well as international visitors.

We are consistently trying to provide the best in accordance with quality education standards and we firmly believe that the experience of studying in Kyoto is not only about educational aspect, but also as a remarkable and unforgettable life experience for our students. Please feel free to contact us regarding admission for both long-term courses and short-term courses as well.

Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School

Kyoto City, Kyoto

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- 4 intakes in 1 year: January, April, July, October
- Scholarship reward for outstanding students
- Student accommodation/housing support
- Job hunting guidance
- Payment installments option for the 2nd year
- JLPT & EJU Extra Preparation Classes
- Extracurricular activities

Programas de graduación

Licenciatura, Técnica, Vocacional

Programas de postgrado

Maestría, Doctorado, MBA

Otros programas

Intercambio, escuela de idiomas, etc.

- Long-term course (1-2 years)
- Short-term course (2-10 weeks)
- Private online course

- Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) scholarship: 30,000 Yen/month for one year
- Support group of Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School scholarship: 20,000 Yen/month for one year
- Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School scholarship: 10,000~15,000 Yen/month for 6 months
- Ms. Sei Kanda scholarship: exemption from tuition fees for 3 months

Materiales y descargas

Folletos, guías de solicitud, información sobre becas

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