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Kamei Gakuen Educational Corporation

Osaka, Osaka / Kyoto, Kyoto

"Enhancing the skills of each individual"

Kamei Gakuen Educational Corporation has three vocational schools in the Higashiyodogawa Ward [Kamishinjo] area of Osaka City, “Japan Science and Technology Information College”, “Japan Computer College”, “Japan Medical Welfare College”, and operating 1 Japanese Language school “Kamei College Japanese Language School Kyoto school” located in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City.

The school has a long history as a technology school whose slogan has been {enhancing the skills of each individual} since its founding. As a pioneer in acquiring technical skills, we provide all the support to our students. Current students are not only Japanese students, but also many international students from other countries.

At Kamei Gakuen, which won the Japan Study Abroad Award in 2021, you can study not only automobile maintenance, electronic information, robots, architecture, and electricity, but also computer-based IT specialists, information processing, web specialists, digital creators, animation, etc. You can also study in fields such as clinical engineering, social welfare, and child welfare, where you can learn advanced techniques that are recognized all over the world.

The reason why Kamei Gakuen established a Japanese language department at the vocational school is to improve the Japanese language skills of international students, and to develop human resources who can contribute to international society, with an emphasis on developing each student's individuality. The Japanese Department's mission is not just to provide Japanese language education; our faculty and staff have the mission of providing all-round services, including those related to students' daily lives, and provide academic guidance tailored to students' needs.

Our results include Japanese national and public universities, private universities, and highly technical vocational schools. In addition, the Japanese language department at Kamei Gakuen has longer study hours than regular Japanese schools, 900 hours per year, so the tuition fee is reasonable considering the study time. If you choose to attend a vocational school, you may also receive preferential treatment such as tuition fees. In addition, if you study Japanese language for two years at the Osaka school's Japanese language department and successfully graduate, you will be given the title of Cultural Liberal Arts Specialist, which is advantageous for finding employment.

In addition, there are student dormitories near the school so that international students can live their life abroad with peace of mind, and we also provide all the support for their first time abroad. Would you like to study at Kamei Gakuen, which is located in the Kansai region and has a wonderful environment for learning Japanese and other skills in other departments? It is strong in finding employment and acquiring qualifications, and you can learn with peace of mind.

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School is Located in center of Osaka city and Kyoto city

Osaka is a modern metropolis, it has convenient transportation and shopping malls, and is very friendly to foreigners. Even after leaving your home country, you can quickly make friends who support you like family, thatswhy you will not feel lonely.

The ancient capital of Kyoto, which is only about 40 minutes by train from Osaka and home to many temples and shrines designated as world cultural heritage sites, has an interesting culture and is a city where the people are kind and easy to live in.

There is no other region in Japan where Japan's leading tourist and industrial cities, each with its own unique history and culture, are so compactly grouped together, such as Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe. Also, Osaka and Kyoto, which are almost the same as Tokyo, are also known as commercial cities and are economically strong, making it easier to find part-time jobs and making it easier to live in terms of rent and prices.

Programas de graduación

-Faculty of science and engineering.
-Faculty of Computer IT specialist.
-Faculty of medical and welfare.

Programas de postgrado

Otros programas

Materiales y descargas

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