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The International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA) at Yamanashi Gakuin University is an American-style liberal arts college with courses taught in English. Studies at iCLA lead to a Bachelor's degree in International Liberal Arts. 

We offer five majors:  Global Business & Economics, Political Science, Interdisciplinary Arts, Japan Studies and Psychology. iCLA is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, which borders Tokyo and is the home of Mount Fuji, the spiritual heart of Japan.

Just 90 minutes away from central Tokyo, iCLA offers a multi-cultural atmosphere in a beautiful Japanese setting. With over 70% of the students coming from 50+ nationalities, and faculty and staff members from around the world, iCLA offers students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture while acquiring a contemporary and globally relevant education at our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our curriculum offers features unique in Japan. We value active learning and make it a high priority. As such, our students can, in addition to their more traditional lecture/discussion courses, take credit-bearing workshops where lectures and practical skills are combined to offer comprehensive knowledge of such topics as traditional Japanese calligraphy, martial arts, theater, flower arrangement, the tea ceremony, and many more. Moreover, our international students can take credit bearing Japanese Language classes as part of the degree, with courses offered from beginner to advanced level.  

Each year, a growing number of international students are choosing to study in Japan for its safe and secure lifestyle, unique culture and cuisine, scenic places and very importantly, great academic and career opportunities. Come experience it for yourself at iCLA.

International College of Liberal Arts - ICLA

Kofu, Japan

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- Truly multi-cultural learning environment in a beautiful Japanese setting
- Broad curriculum with many electives and workshops to choose from
- No Japanese required, courses are taught in English
- Learn Japanese as part of your degree
- Small interactive classes with a 7:1 student to faculty ratio with 60% international faculty
- Conveniently located just 90 minutes from central Tokyo
- Diversity – over 70% international students from more than 50 countries creates a truly international campus

Programas de graduación

Licenciatura, Técnica, Vocacional

Undergraduate Programs Taught in English
-International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA)

Students can declare one of the following five majors:
- Global Business & Economics,
- Political Science
-  Interdisciplinary Arts
- Japan Studies
- Psychology

Programas de postgrado

Maestría, Doctorado, MBA

Otros programas

Intercambio, escuela de idiomas, etc.

Japanese Language Classes as part of the degree


We offer tuition waiver scholarships at four levels- 25%, 50%, 75% to 100%.

All international students can apply for the scholarship program as part of the online admission process. If awarded, the scholarship will cover the full four years of the studies at iCLA.

For details, please visit:

Materiales y descargas

Folletos, guías de solicitud, información sobre becas

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