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Hokkaido U. - Graduate School of Engineering

Sapporo, Japan

What is the best way to share advanced knowledge in engineering that Japan has with other countries when most of its publications is in Japanese?

What is the best way to introduce diversity to the university so that Japanese students can experience differences in cultures, languages and learning environment?

What is the best way to make our engineering education accessible to all? The answer is to introduce a program with English, a widely used language, as a medium of instruction.

That was the concept behind the founding of the e3 program in 2000. Since then e3 has been bringing in English speaking students with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds from around the world, a sharp departure from the past when international student population consisted largely of Japanese speaking students from East Asia.

Courses at our School of Engineering are given in Japanese and in English. At present about 150 courses are available in English.

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'- Over 160 subjects are available in English
- Select from a wide range of fields covered by the 13 divisions of the Graduate School of Engineering.
- Enroll from the Spring semester (starting on April 1st )
or the Autumn semester (starting on October 1st ).
- Apply for MEXT scholarship or other financial support through the program

Programas de graduación

Programas de postgrado

- Applied Physics - Master's and PhD
- Materials Science and Engineering - Master's and PhD
- Mechanical and Space Engineering - Master's and PhD
- Human Mechanical Systems and Design - Master's and PhD
- Energy and Environmental Systems - Master's and PhD
- Quantum Science and Engineering - Master's and PhD
- Field Engineering for the Environment - Master's and PhD
- Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment - Master's and PhD
- Architectural and Structural Design - Master's and PhD
- Human Environmental Systems - Master's and PhD
- Environmental Engineering - Master's and PhD
- Sustainable Resources Engineering - Master's and PhD
- Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering - Master's

Otros programas

Materiales y descargas

Folletos, guías de solicitud, información sobre becas

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