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Radical changes have ensued in the wake of ever more rapid globalization. In response, the university actively advocates “Connect with people and tie in with the world.” This means making frequent close face-to-face contact with people. Naturally, we reach out to people within Aichi Prefecture and Japan, but we also seek close ties with people all over the world. Working hand in hand with others, through knowledge and action, in myriad small ways we can help to make the world a better place.

1. Connect with people with different cultures and extend active links to localities across the globe Rich cultural diversity exists both in Japan and in other parts of the world. In current times, marked by the rapid spread of nationalist sentiment, we urgently need to deepen mutual understanding through intercultural exchange.

2. To stimulate education: cooperation and collaborative research by the university’s five schools Cross-cultural exchange thrives in the ground of research and education. The university has connected research fields which had become compartmentalized and divided, and the five schools have joined to cooperate in collaborative research involving different disciplines.

3. By studying about and inquiring into “life,” we take an “anthropological approach towards learning” Through collaboration between the university’s five schools we study about and inquire into “life.” Life is undoubtedly the one thing we all share as people, and it is something granted equally to each of us.

President, Aichi Prefectural University

Aichi Prefectural University

Aichi, Japan

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Aichi Prefectural University offers an attractive learning opportunity in the suburb in harmony with the natural environment for international exchange students.

The exchange program at Aichi Prefectural University has a unique structure which combines Japanese language education with experience-based courses.

For example, 'Fieldwork' explores local sites together with an instructing faculty. 'Project Work' gains insight through the interaction with a local society.

There are two sections, the Student Global Mobility Office and the "iCoToBa (Multilingual Learning Center)" (*). supporting your exchange stay at Aichi Prefectural University.

Programas de graduación

Licenciatura, Técnica, Vocacional

Programas de postgrado

Maestría, Doctorado, MBA

Otros programas

Intercambio, escuela de idiomas, etc.

Materiales y descargas

Folletos, guías de solicitud, información sobre becas

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